thai red curry with fresh chicken

Red Thai Chicken Curry Recipe

My Favourite Chicken Curry of All Time

I’m always disappointed when Masterchef contestants cook duck, lamb, beef….anything but good old chicken. Who doesn’t love a bit of chicken? It’s almost become un-trendy to showcase it when it comes to cookery on TV.

Well, we love a bit of chicken, and we also love a bit of spice in our lives! So chicken curry has it today. Red Thai chicken curry no less. Green is good too, but I’m in a red mood today 🙂

What You Will Need

Half an Onion

Two Large Chicken Breast

Red Curry Paste

Ground Coriander

Soy Sauce

One finely Chopped Red Chilli

Ground Ginger

One Clove of Garlic

Lazy Lemongrass (or the fresh kind if you prefer)

Salt and Pepper

A Sprinkling of Soft Brown Sugar

Chicken or Vegetable Stock Mixed With Water

Coconut Milk

Fresh Coriander

Cooking Method

Cook off the onion for three minutes over a medium heat and then add the chopped chicken breast. Coat in flour to help thicken the sauce and fry gently for a few minutes or until the outside of the chicken is cooked.

Mix in a heaped tablespoon of curry paste and leave for a minute or so. Next add the ground coriander, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chillies, lemon grass, salt and pepper and finally a little brown sugar to counter-act any harshness from the chillies. Cook for around two minutes before adding the stock. Now add the coconut milk, but only the thick creamy part. Don’t add the rest of the liquid milk to the mix.

Stir for a minute and the turn the heat right down so that it isn’t bubbling anymore. Leave to cook slowly for three hours so that the meat falls apart when served. Add the fresh coriander half an hour before serving.

Serve with basmati rice and a naan bread….perfect 🙂

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