meat boxes for christmas

Choose Your Own Meat-Box For Christmas

Meat Boxes Delivered in Time For Christmas

Time to get your order in for Christmas. Buying your fresh meat boxes online has never been so easy!

It has to be said, we are getting busy, busy, busy. But there is still time for you to place your meat order in time for Christmas delivery. We are used to this time being super-busy and we have systems in place to deal with it and make sure that all of our boxes get out on time and are delivered as per our normal delivery.

Meat boxes are not just for Christmas! A hamper is a great way of buying your fresh meat and accompaniments but it’s also a great way of buying your monthly quota on-going. We find a lot of our online customers continue to order their box into the New Year and beyond.

meat boxes

Pigs in Blankets

Always a winner! Gotta love a sausage wrapped in bacon. Christmas lunch just wouldn’t be the same without them would it? Buy them pre-made or make them yourself. If you want to completely take the hassle out of preparation then the ‘here are some we made earlier‘ option might be for you.

Christmas day is to be enjoyed. You might love the time you get to spend in the kitchen preparing an over-the-top dinner for your family, but you might prefer to be in the living room watching the kids rip open their presents.

Preparation is Key

Think about cooking off your potatoes. Keep them in the fridge ready to roast on Christmas day. You might even consider slow-cooking your turkey over-night and preparing your veg too. Preparation takes the stress out of cooking for more people and allows you a bit of time to sit down with a glass of wine! Coming downstairs to a hob full of pre-prepared veg is actually quite satisfying….

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