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Benefits of Red Meat

What we Get From Eating Red Meat

Red meat is a rich source of protein, saturated fat, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Iron is needed to help red blood cells transport oxygen.

We also get iron from dark green leafy plants, beans and grains but it is better absorbed by the body from eating red meat.

More Vitamins From Red Meat

Amongst the B vitamins we find in red meat are vitamin B6 and vitamin12. Vitamin B6 is extremely important in maintaining a healthy immune system and vitamin B12 aids the nervous system.

Red meat, as with anything, is best eaten in moderation. So, for instance, you shouldn’t eat steak every day. You should vary your fresh meat intake. Include fish in your diet where possible too.

Buying Meat Online

It’s become very popular to buy fresh meats online. With refrigerated delivery and convenient delivery times, it’s a good option, especially in these strange times. Not only can you buy quality meat products from an expert butcher but you get it delivered to you door.

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Grass Fed British Sirloin Steak Box

A traditional steak that has been hand trimmed and cut by our master butchers to give a uniform 8oz steak with a fine layer of fat for added taste. This steak cut is lean and tender and it’s packed full of flavour.

We recommend that it’s cooked medium rare to medium for the greatest taste sensation!

Carvery Rib Of Grass Fed British Beef

Selected from prime grass fed cattle, then dry aged for improved tenderness quality of eating. John Sheppard’s Carvery ribs of beef are available in 2 bone (2.5/3kilo) or 4 bone (5/6kilo) joints.

Our hand selected, prepared and trimmed to carvery spec with just the rib bones left on one side of the joint for ease of carving. This is one beautiful roasting joint!

This is truly the king of all roast beef joints and an extremely popular dinner table centre-piece at Christmas or Easter family gatherings.

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