premium meat box delivery

Premium Meat Box Delivery

Order a Meat Box Online and You Won’t Look Back!

We know this how? Because our returning customer list is growing fast. The first step is usually the scariest. If you’ve never bought your fresh meat online before, then you might think stuff like ‘But how is it stored?’ ‘Surely they can’t leave it anywhere if I’m not in to take delivery’ and so on.

When you buy online with John Sheppard Direct, you can be assured that your meat box will be delivered to your home or place of business in good time and it will be packaged in cold boxes.

The goods that you order are fresh produce and therefore perishable. So, if no-one is going to be there to accept the delivery, then a suitable place can be requested or the courier will select a suitable place to leave the box. Your fresh meat box will never be taken back to the depot.

What’s Different About Our Meat Boxes?

It’s our service that is a little different. Our fresh meat is of course, the very best quality as we are a family run butchers and have been around for……a very long time. We have moved with the times, and those times mean technology has had to find a place within a traditional industry. Or, we’ve had to find a place for IT. See what we did there?!

Adapting to the modern world where everything is either moving online in its entirety or partly, was a challenge back in the day, but we did it early. Perhaps earlier than most family run butchers in the UK. Our aim was and still is, to offer that traditional service in both the ways. You can pick up the phone or you can buy online with a few clicks.

We also sell our fresh meat products to trade customers. Please pop over to our trade site for details.


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