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Coming Out of Lock-Down

What we Have Learnt From Lock-down in 2020 and 2021

Mostly, we have learnt that we don’t like being locked down! But, on a positive note, we have learnt to work with what we have. We have discovered that being innovative and imaginative when it comes selling our fresh meat products has been key to seeing us as a family run business, through this incredibly challenging time.

When human beings are told that they cannot mix with other humans, kept away from friends and family, it’s tough. Add trying to run a business into the mix and you’re looking at double trouble. Yes, we have been able to make it through but some have not. We are lucky, we have had the option of moving forward by investing more time and a little bit of money, into selling our quality meat products online. We’ve done it for a long time, but we made the decision to pick up the pace and really go for it in a big way.

It turns out that people are more than happy to skip long super-market queues in favour of receiving a meat box every couple of weeks or every month. ‘Cuts are bigger’ they tell us. Contrary to popular belief, prices are also competitive. Convenience is great, but the bottom line is important too. We know there is lots of choice online. We know that you can just as easily shop somewhere else. One thing we have always known however, is that customer service has always been important to consumers. When you give good service coupled with a great product, you know that customers will come back time and time again.

We generally only move on when we are unhappy, and we like to think that we keep our customers happy!

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