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Let’s Get Ready to Party!

Summer Party Food and How to Cook It

we’re talking June here….the 21st. If all goes according to plan then we’ll be able to party, part, party!

Not that life is all about food of course, but it makes up a significant portion. Significant portions are what you’ll get should you buy one of our meat boxes. Summer parties means BBQ’s right? Half and half maybe.

You gotta love queueing up for a smokey steak burger on a hot Summer’s day. We fully admit that we don’t mind waiting for good food.

What Makes the Perfect Burger?

Quality meat of course, that’s a pre-requisite when it comes to the ultimate burger. A slice of cheese, two crisp pieces of smoked bacon and some BBQ sauce 🙂

No salad necessary, but if it makes you feel better, a crisp lettuce leaf and a very thin slice of tomato with some shredded white onion. Yum, perfect!

Toasted Bun

Come on guys, this is a must. Nothing worse than a soggy bottomed bun. This is often over-looked when designing the perfect burger. The bun is almost as important as the burger inside….well almost. A stale or soggy bun can really ruin one’s ultimate experience 😉

You Want Fries With That?

This is a sticking point in our house. Skinny fries or chunky. Personally I love a chunky, roast potato like chip whereas the rest of the family are in the ‘It’s gotta be skinny’ camp. It’s subjective isn’t it? I mean, I love a McDonald’s skinny effort, but I don’t want want it with my home made BBQ’d burger. Not with my deep-fried cod either come to that!

Our Meat Boxes

Here comes the salesy bit….our boxes can be pre-prepared or you can select your own cuts and add them to your shopping basket. Buying meat online has become all of the rage that’s for sure, and more so since lock-down. I think people have been surprised at the cost or meat from the butchers. It’s expected that quality cuts are mega expensive but that is simply not the case.

Take a look at our meat box selections and see what you think 🙂


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