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What Do You Mean When you Say Online Butcher?

Online Butcher in the UK

If we refer to ourselves as an online butcher, people get confused. ‘Huh? How can a butcher work online?’

By online, we refer to the way that we sell our fresh meat products to consumers. You select a meat box or you make it up yourself by adding the products and cuts that you love. Just like a regular butcher, but no queueing!

There is a lot to be said for that isn’t there? There has been so much queueing and waiting around outside of stores this past year. It’s probably one of the most inconvenient things we’ve had to put up with when it comes to the day to day stuff. We are good at waiting here in the UK. We are polite. We wait our turn and we just moan inwardly whilst smiling sweetly on the outside.

With this in mind, most things, where possible are also available online. Fresh meat is no different. Imagine the convenience of opening the front door to one of our delivery drivers and simply popping the contents of your meet box into the fridge or the freezer. Simplicity personified 🙂

Making it Easy to Order Meat Online

We’ve tried to make ordering from John Sheppard Direct as easy as possible. You even get to request a delivery time that works for you. On top of that, you can ask us to leave it with a neighbour or in a designated safe place until you arrive home.

Ordering couldn’t be easier. You might think that online means impersonal. Not true. We strive to offer the very best in customer service to all of our customers, however they order.

Have a Delivery Question?

Ask away. We are always happy to answer you. Drop us a line or give us a call. We are here for you.


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