why diets don't work

Why Dieting is Making you Miserable

Diets and Our Mood

A healthy diet is one thing. It’s a good thing but a ‘restrictive diet’, well that’s a whole different thing. When we restrict certain food groups, we inevitably crave those foods, which in turn leads to a binge on them, feeling bad for doing it and then we start scrutinising our waist-line to see where it landed.

This cycle can be very destructive and difficult to stop in a creative way. When we inevitably realise that the diet is un-sustainable we ditch it and go back to our old habits. This time, we seem to be piling on even more weight than before.

Diets that restrict food groups don’t work in the long-term. Sure, they can be great for a short-term success. Maybe you are getting married and want to look and feel super-glam on the day or you have an event that you feel you need to slim down for. Cutting out carbs for example, is a fantastic way to lose weight quickly but there will come a point when you crave a fresh piece of buttered toast or a roast potato!

In the end, a restrictive diet will effect our mood.

Another Problem With a Crash Diet

There are so many reasons that a person might have an issue with their weight. It may well be emotional and linked to something in their life now or in the past. The underlying reason will need treating before any amount of dieting is going to have a sustainable effect.

What is a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet consists of lean meat, lots of vegetables, fruit and fibre, wholemeal breads and pasta’s, sweet potatoes over the usual kind but not all of the time. The odd roastie is not going to set you back a week 🙂

It’s all about balance. Yes, that’s probably a bit boring and with so much processed food on offer, it’s so easy to grab something to put in the oven and that’s okay too, in moderation. As is a takeaway.

If you could eat a healthy diet five days a week, then you can dare to allow yourself a few treats on the off days.

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