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Food Shortages? Not at John Sheppard

Food Shortages?

A shortage of HGV drivers and workers exacerbated by Brexit and Covid is creating ‘real crisis of food supplies’ so we are told.

There were always going to be teething problems. We knew that the transition was not going to run as smoothly as we would have liked, and then to top it off, along came a pandemic!

On a recent trip to the Supermarket, one of our staff members commented on the lack of stuff on the shelves (for want of a better word) Evidently it was worse that at the start of the pandemic when everyone rushed out and bought….absolutely everything that had a reasonable shelf life. If you’d wanted to make a cake, you’d have been disappointed. No flour to be found anywhere.

Ordering Meat Online

The thing is, that when you have planned your trip to the local SM and end up with half a trolly rather than a full one, you start to wonder if it’s going to be worth the trip the following week. That’s most definitely where our meat boxes have come into their own. Sure, you can probably pick up your fresh meat at the SM but when you can’t get the other accompanying items, it becomes a bit of a wasted trip so sitting at home for an expected fresh meat delivery becomes the preferred option.

You don’t even have to be in. We can leave it in a safe place as it’s a cold box or alternatively we can leave your online order with a neighbour. We can’t guarantee that they won’t throw in on the barbie and eat it all up though of course!

We are sure that things are going to improve. They will settled own and the lorries will start moving again but we are pretty confident that once you have switched to a John Sheppard Direct meat delivery, your supermarket shopping list will be a little smaller in future. 🙂

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