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How to Make the Most of Our Meat Boxes

How Should I Cook my Fresh Meat?

Take a decent amount of time to prepare your meals and do not cook the items straight from their packaging. Open the packaging and allow the meat to rest before cooking. This really is the best way to deal with our fresh meat cuts.

Store at room temperature on a plate and cover it with some silver foil. This allows the meat to be as tender as possible. When it isn’t rested, it may be slightly tougher that it will be if it is rested.

Cooking your meat is then of course a matter of preference; with beef/lamb for example you may prefer a slightly rare steak whilst otherwise enjoy theirs well done.

Poultry and pork products must be well cooked. You definitely do not want to be eating rare chicken! To kill any harmful bugs the internal temperature of meat needs to reach 75 celsius.

Why Use A Meat Delivery Service Over the Supermarket?

When you purchase a meat box through John Sheppard Butchers Ltd you are buying a more sustainable, cost effective and higher quality of farm assured meat than you would be able to purchase at your localĀ  supermarket. Our meat products are hand prepared by passionate, skilled and professional butchers delivered direct to your door with zero fuss, at a time that is convenient to you.

By buying online from us you are also in turn supporting our amazing UK farmers, UK agriculture, a family business and the surrounding local community for generations to come. It’s so important to ensure the future of farming in the UK. This is one way in which consumers of fresh meat products can help.

What Makes Our Meat Delivery Service so Good?

We have over 80 years worth of experience in butchery. Our knowledge and expertise within the meat industry ensures the highest level of service and quality in delivering the finest meat direct to your own home.

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our fresh meat, but also on the expertise of our skilled butchers which means you get to taste the best of British.

We only ever use trusted and accredited quality suppliers for our products in order to satisfy the high demands of you, the customer. Quite rightly so.

We pay attention to the finer details!




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