Buying From an Online Butcher During the Pandemic

As much as we hate to focus on it. We are working during difficult times. Lock-down is making it tough for some people to get out and about. Maybe they are a little fearful due to the press coverage and constant predictions that never actually turn into reality. When we are uncomfortable in crowds, we may choose NOT to shop in the supermarket. That is where buying online comes into its own. Online butchers are here to stay. We upped our game to stay viable. We are lucky. Not everyone has the luxury of change in order to stay afloat. We are hugely grateful to our ever growing customer base both local and national.

Buying online from a trusted source is of course critical. It’s not just about the service, it’s about the quality of your fresh meat provider and the after-care. If we want our valued customers to return then we know that we have to look after them. Returning customers are quite often over-looked when it comes to marketing and after sales care.

Secure Online Payments With Our New Website

Never has it been so important to take care online. We have been operating from our base in Bristol but also online for quite some time now. We have had our website for many years and were one of the first online butchers to take payment securely over the web.

If you are local to us in Bristol then we’ll offer you FREE delivery. Not sure how far we go with our free option? Drop us a line and we’ll let you know.

Buying Meat Online During November and December

We are going to be busy. That’s a given. With Christmas upon us, we will be packing up meat boxes left, right and centre. That said, it won’t effect our service in any way. We know how important it is to deliver your meat in time for the big day, but also to our regular customers still ordering their monthly boxes.

A John Sheppard meat box isn’t just for Christmas!

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