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By purchasing your meat through John Sheppard Butchers Ltd you are not only buying a more sustainable, cost effective and higher quality of farm assured meat than you would at the supermarket. Which are hand prepared by passionate, skilled and professional butchers delivered direct to your door.

By buying from us you are also in turn supporting our amazing UK farmers, UK agriculture, a family business and the surrounding local community for generations to come.

With over 80 years trading experience, John Sheppard Butchers’ knowledge and expertise within the meat industry to ensure the highest level of service and quality in delivering the finest meat direct to your own home.  

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our fresh meat, but also on the expertise of our skilled butchers, enabling you to taste nothing less than the finest British meat.  

John Sheppard Butchers Ltd only use trusted and accredited quality suppliers for our products in order to satisfy the high demands of our customers.

Our butchers also are highly skilled and pay great attention to detail so that you receive products that are not only well presented, but eat as good as they look.

  • Once you have placed an order on our website you will be given an expected delivery day, as well as a confirmation email.  

The grid below illustrates John Sheppard Direct s delivery schedule.  

Orders Placed Delivery Day 

Monday by 2pm Wednesday by 5pm  
Tuesday by 2pm Thursday by 5pm  
Wednesday by 2pm Friday by 5pm  
Thursday by 2pm Tuesday by 5pm  
Friday by 2pm Tuesday by 5pm  
Saturday or Sunday Wednesday by 5pm 

Wherever possible we aim to deliver your order via our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles in reclyclable cardboard boxes. Alternatively your delivery will come via courier in sealed tempartaure controlled packaging. All of the packages must be signed for and therefore it is your responsibility for somebody to be at the address in order to accept delivery.

There is an option however to write in specific delivery instructions (such as explaining a safe place to leave the goods should nobody be in).

If this is the case then the courier driver will be informed of the relevant leave safe information.  

However, the box may be delivered via our own transport and if requested to leave safe the please ensure this is not be left for more than 30mins outside to maintain the core temperature of the product.


In order to maintain the highest quality upon opening, all of our products unless otherwise stated, are supplied vacuum packed.

This will ensure that the product which you have purchased will be as fresh as it was when it was cut by our butchers.

Individual items will be labeled with a John Sheppard sticker, indicating the product descriptions and the best before date.  

If your delivery is within our own distribution network we will dleiver within our own reclyclable cardboard boxes.

If delivered by courier this will be done in an insulated protective polystyrene box. These polystyrene boxes are the safest and best way to deliver your meat order as they are light, water-resistant, hygienic, provide superb thermal insulation and offer easy, quick and safe handling.  

To maintain the cool temperature throughout transportation, each package has a state of the art frozen gel cooling pack which ensures the products remain at the correct temperature for at least 48 hours.  

Whilst there is no single way to cook any piece of meat as it depends on the cut. However, we recommends that to fully appreciate the full flavour of our products, they should not be overcooked.

Take the time to prepare your meals, and do not cook the items straight from their packaging. Open the packaging and allow the meat to rest before cooking.

This can be done simply by storing at room temperature on a plate and covering it with foil. If this not done it could result in the meat being slightly tougher than if it was left to rest.

Cooking the meat is then a matter of preference; with beef/lamb for example you may prefer a slightly rare steak whilst otherwise enjoy theirs well done.

With all poultry and pork products these must be cooked fully, To kill any harmful bugs the internal temperature of meat needs to reach 75 celsius.

At John Sheppard Direct we have a single delivery charge of only £9.95 to anywhere in the UK. 

FREE DELIVERY on orders of £75 or over

We are not liable for any failure to deliver or for any loss/liability whatsoever arising from such failure, if we fail to deliver due to circumstance beyond our control. 

If you are lucky enough to live local to us we are able to offer free delivery to our Bristol  customers for orders over £40.

At John Sheppard we are not only confident about the quality of our meat, but we take pride in the level of service that we offer our customers.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will be glad to talk to you about your delivery and discuss ways to improve our service to you. Simply call us direct on 01179 557775 or use our contact form and we will be happy to discuss any issues further.

All meat will be

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