Fresh Meat Boxes Delivered During Lock-Down

Who could have predicted what was to come in 2020? Panic buying, the country in full lock-down for three months, businesses such as ours having to think outside of the box. How could we evolve and move with what was going on in the UK and indeed the world?

Challenging times call for drastic measures in some cases but in others a few tweaks and forward thinking can drive you a little ahead of the game. Seeing how the public relied so heavily on just a few shops to fill their fridges and cupboards was shocking, so when those larger outlets couldn’t supply fast enough, we were able to step in.

Our meat box delivery service has been super-successful. Sure, we’ve had to up-scale and churn orders out at a rate of knots but we’ve managed it and are we are seeing repeat custom on a monumental scale.

Continuing to Deliver to Customers in the UK

Our delivery service is growing even with the lifting of many restrictions in the South West and the West Country. We want to carry on shipping our fresh meat to customers into the future, beyond this pandemic. Covid-19 has proved a challenge and whilst we may be at odds with some of the governments lock-down rules, we have no option but to work with them and around them where we can.

Customers have turned to us when supermarket shelves have started to take on the look of 1940. They have expressed huge gratitude that we have been able to carry on delivering their quality meat products on time and with zero hassle to them. People have been conscious of buying British too. If this has done one positive thing then it’s that it’s brought attention to the food that we buy and how we buy it.

Lean Protein Meat Box