Buy Your Fresh Meat Online From a Family Butcher

John Sheppard is a family run butchers in the heart of Bristol. We sell our meat products to consumers via a quick and easy meat box delivery service.

How do I Buy Online From John Sheppard Direct?

It’s simple. You build your box or select from a range of prepared meat boxes and then you checkout. At teh checkout you will be directed to choose your delivery date.

Buy Online Now

You’ll see that we have a weekly offers section where you can browse and choose from a selection of the best cuts.

From beef to steak, lean meats, such as chicken breasts and pork loin, everything is at your fingertips.

As an added bonus to local customers, our delivery service os offered completely free to anyone living in the Bristol area.

online butchers

At John Sheppard we strive to offer our online customers a top-notch customer service as well as fantastic quality fresh meats.

Generally, cuts are larger when you but from a real-life butcher over the supermarket and contrary to what you might have thought, there is lots of choice too!

Give us a try and see. We’ll hazard a guess that you won’t go back!