Carvery Rib of Grass Fed British Beef

Available in 2.5kg (approx) and 5kg (approx) sizes

The marbling and layers of fat within the forerib guarantee the succulence and flavour even when cooked well done. Being aged and then roasted on the bone adds another layer of depth and richness to the flavor.

Selected from prime grass-fed cattle, then aged for improved tenderness and eating quality, our Cavery Ribs of beef are available in 2 bone (2.5/3kilo) or 4 bone (5/6kilo) joints.

Hand-selected, prepared and trimmed to carvery spec with just the rib bones left on one side of the joint for ease of carving.

This is a fantastic option of a roasting beef joint and an extremely popular dinner table centrepiece at Christmas or Easter family gatherings



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