Oven Ready Free-Range Bronze Turkey 5-5.5k (Pre- Order)

5kg min (serves 10+)

The classic choice of centerpiece during the Christmas festivities.

At John Sheppard Butchers we take great pride in the welfare and quality of the Turkeys we supply to our customers.

For the last 30years, we have sourced all of our free-range bronze turkeys from the same award-winning family-run farm nestled in the picturesque Monmouthshire countryside.

Our Bronze Free Range Turkeys roam and forage on rolling Monmouthshire pastures from the age of six weeks. This freedom to exercise gives the turkeys an enriched way of life which helps to develop and improve the quality of meat, giving it superb flavor and texture.

Our Free-Range Bronze Turkeys are supplied individually boxed, with cooking guidelines and a ‘Pop-Rite’ cooking timer to ensure that this premium turkey has every opportunity to achieve its full potential.

Available for pre-order at any time; please state the required delivery date at the checkout stage.



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